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You see them every time you direct your web browser to any generic news or business website — Yahoo!, Fox News, CNN/FN, and the like.  They’ve proliferated like spawning salmon since the recession hit and people started losing their homes to foreclosure.  You know the kinds of articles I mean:  the author uses himself or some other person as an example of how you can save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars a month by “trimming unnecessary costs.”  Each and every time I have read these articles, I’ve found them entirely inapplicable to my own situation. And in fact, I don’t know very many people who could save the amounts offered by the articles.

There are generally two reasons why these articles are almost always useless.  First, the people in them are usually wasting obscene amounts of money on things that not only I, but everyone I know would consider a waste, like subscribing to a “fruit of the month club” (that’s an “Everybody Loves Raymond” joke I threw in there).  Second, most of the suggestions are inapplicable to my own personal situation — like ways to save on mortgage, which are useless to me because I pay rent.

To see what I mean, let’s dissect the most recent installment of this inane breed of articles, from Yahoo! finance.  The couple being described in this article saved $500. Let’s see how much of that $500 would be applicable to me, if I were to copy them. (more…)


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