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As those who read this blog much know, since it’s the bulk of what I’ve written about, I have been an online gamer for many years.  Although I don’t play any MMORPGs right now, the list of ones I’ve tried, and played for various amounts of time, is as long as my arm.  Over the years, as an intelligent forum poster and a thoughtful gamer, I have managed to make my way into a number of closed betas, including the ones for LOTRO, COH, and Champions Online, to name a few.

In each and every case, when I got into closed beta, I have found that, beyond the fact that the games are (as expected) somewhat buggy, there has been a definite let-down when I saw what each game delivered.  Each game I’ve beta’ed has had major, fundamental flaws in basic game design.  In City of Heroes, the major flaw was basically how violently it departed from the genre.  In Champions Online it was how far the game strayed from Champions, plus the violations of genre, plus the really horrible questing system.  In LOTRO it was almost everything about the game, since it’s just WOW with a Middle Earth reskin, right down to the pedestrian quests.  I’ve complained about these elements in the finished products that launched for all these games, so there’s no point to rehashing it all. Suffice it to say, in every closed beta, I have been shocked and disappointed by how poor certain aspects of the game are. (more…)


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